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Best Beard Styles For Men Based on Face Shape | Trendy and Classic

Best Trendy Beard Styles For Men

Beard Styles for Men

Throughout history, the beard has served many purposes beyond simply growing on a man’s face. Beards represent wisdom, virility, strength, and status across numerous cultures. Today, beards remain a popular fashion choice that allows men to showcase their own personal flair and style. With so many different beard styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which look is right for you. This guide explores the diverse world of beard styles, tips for choosing one that complements your face shape, grooming and care recommendations, and the cultural significance of beards. In this article, we presented some classy and trendy beard styles for men. However, it is important to determine which styles complement your facial features before diving in.

Face Shapes and Choosing a Style

Face Types and Shapes

The most flattering beard begins with consideration of your face shape. Just as certain hairstyles work better for oval, square or heart-shaped faces, so too do beard styles.

Round Face:

A round face has softer lines and contours. Beard styles that add length help give the illusion of a longer face. Grow a short beard and mustache to add definition.

Square Face:

Angular jaws and a squared chin characterize square faces. Softer beard looks offset the sharp lines. Go for a cropped or circle beard.

Oval Face:

The oval has balanced proportions ideal for any beard style. Experiment to find what you like best. Short stubble and chin straps are good clean choices.

Heart-Shaped Face:

With a wide forehead and narrow chin, heart-shaped faces look great with full beards that add bulk below. Or try a goatee.

Triangular Face:

These have a narrow forehead and wide jawline. Maintain fullness at the chin and mustache to offset the top. Short boxed beards work well.

Oblong Face:

An oblong face is longer than it is wide. Thick full beards and goatees help add width. Avoid pointed chinstrap beards that extend the face.

Some Trendy and Classy Beard Styles for Men

Now that you know what beard styles work with your face, it’s time to explore the many options.

Full Beard

Full Beard

As the name implies, a full beard features hair fully grown on the cheeks, neck, chin and upper lip. It’s a classic masculine look that dates back centuries and connotes maturity and confidence. Full beards work well with any face shape when maintained neatly. Let your beard grow for at least 2 to 3 months to achieve length. Use beard oil, balm and beard shampoo to care for and shape it. Trim errant hairs with scissors or a beard trimmer.


Goatee Beard Style

A goatee concentrates hair growth around the mouth without extending to the cheeks. It creates a rectangular or triangle shape below the lower lip. Goatees flatter heart-shaped, oval and triangular face shapes. Maintain the edges neatly trimmed and apply beard balm to soften coarse hairs. Goatees can be worn with or without a mustache.

5 O’Clock Shadow

5 O'Clock Shadow Beard Style

Perpetual 5 o’clock shadow amps up magnetism and projects a rugged masculinity. It’s ideal for men with angular face shapes who want to soften their look. Allow about a week’s worth of growth for the perfect texture. Use a beard trimmer to maintain an even length across the face. Apply beard oil daily to condition the skin and hair. Razor any unwanted stray hairs on the cheeks or neck.

Short Box Beard

Short Box Beard

This neatly trimmed beard traces the jawline and chin in a perfect square shape. It creates the appearance of a strong, angular jaw. Use a beard trimmer to maintain hair at an even 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch length. The mustache should be trimmed slightly longer than the beard to emphasize the square outline. Soften the edges by applying a small amount of beard balm.

Circle Beard

Circle Beard

Combining a mustache, rounded chin stripe and cheek growth, the circle beard frames the mouth. It works well for men with square faces who want to soften their angular features. Allow about 1 month for full growth before precisely edging the cheek line. Use scissors to trim any stray hairs outside the circular outline.


Beardstache Style

Coupling a large mustache with stubble creates a bold beardstache. Mustache hair should be fully grown, combed and waxed into shape. Let cheek and chin hair grow slightly longer than a 5 o’clock shadow. For added impact, tweak the ends of the mustache upwards. Apply mustache wax regularly to train hairs into place.

Short Stubble

Short Stubble Beard

For men who prefer clean-shaven looks, short stubble adds texture and definition. It’s especially great for round or heart-shaped faces. Maintain even growth using a beard trimmer calibrated between 1 to 3 millimeters. Shave the neck and cheek line daily for a neat appearance.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

This is a full beard with mutton chop sideburns disconnected from the mustache. It’s a bit more polished than the traditional biker style. Allow 6 weeks for full growth before shaping. Trim the chops to extend slightly past the corners of the mouth. Remove any under-chin hair to keep things tidy.

Rap Industry Standard

Rap Industry Standard Beard

Hip-hop culture inspired this beard featuring a thin mustache and patch of hair centering the chin. Immortalized by rap artists in the 90s, it remains stylish today. Shave all facial hair except for the centered soul patch and faint mustache. Tweeze any stray hairs to keep lines ultra clean.

Beard with Bald Head

Beard with Bald Head

Sporting a full beard while rocking a bald or shaved head creates an eye-catching contrast. The beard becomes the main focal point when paired with a hairless pate. While any style beard can complement the bald head look, thicker and fuller beards tend to balance the lack of hair up top best. Keep the beard trimmed and neat for optimal definition.

Square Beard

Square Beard Style

The square beard uses clean 90-degree angles to box the jawline into a perfect square shape. It’s excellent for elongating an oval face. Allow about six weeks for total growth before precision trimming to form the crisp lines framing the jaw. Use a beard balm when shaping to tame unruly hairs. Keep cheek lines razor sharp, and keep the edges neatly trimmed.

Viking Beard

Viking Beard

Channel rugged Norse warriors with a fulsome Viking beard featuring untamed facial hair tapered at the chin. Embrace the “wild man” aesthetic by allowing 4+ months of unchecked growth. Avoid electric trimmers and only use scissors to trim occasional stray hairs. The aim is a natural, unkempt appearance befitting a burly sea captain. A braided moustache is optional.

The “Don’t Give a F***” Beard (The DGAF Beard)

The DGAF Beard

It is one of the best beard styles for men, haha. As the name suggests, this style embraces the carefree growing of unrestrained facial hair. Let your beard grow freely without boundaries to achieve the ultimate “doing my own thing” look. Forget trimmers or other tools, and see how long you can stand growth. Eventually, a trim may be required, but the main goal is a bold, natural beard.

The Wolverine

The Wolverine Beard Style

Inspired by the gritty X-Men antihero, the Wolverine beard features overgrown mutton chop sideburns connected by a scruffy moustache and chin whiskers. Use razor precision to shave all hair around the mouth/chin while allowing bushy chops to extend towards the jawline’s corners. Let those chops flow! Add some mutton chop points for extra fierceness.

The Chin Cup

The Chin Cup Beard Style

The Chin Cup beard concentrates whiskers to frame the chin and jawline while keeping cheeks smooth. It forms a goatee shape without the moustache. Any amount of chin hair elongates the face, but avoid letting a Chin Cup get too unkempt. Keep lines clean for the best jaw-defining effect.

Chinstrap Beard

Chinstrap Beard

The chinstrap uses a 1-2 finger broad line of hair to trace the jawline and chin. Allow stubble to fill in before shaving cheeks/neck and finely edging the strap area with a razor. Maintain continuity and razor-sharp lines along the jawbone’s lower edge. Resist any temptation to let the chinstrap grow wider, or it loses the effect.

Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard

The pointed beard style that traces the jawline is called the Anchor Beard style. Often, it is paired with a moustache. The anchor beard helps create definition along the jawbone, sharpening and enhancing the facial structure. This style typically features slightly fuller growth along the chin and jawline while keeping the cheeks shaven clean. Allow about 1-2 months for your beard to fill in fully before using a trimmer or razor to shape the crisp outward-pointing anchor along the edges of your jaw. Maintain neat lines with daily edging.

Apply beard oil to condition the hair and skin. Men can easily opt for this look, but you must trim the beard hair carefully to obtain the anchored style shape. This shaped beard paired with a moustache helps slim and elongate the face. If you want to try this style, grow a full beard before precision shaping the edges into points. The anchor beard style is ideal for men with round faces as it slims the jawline’s appearance.

Classy Bushy Beard

Classy Bushy Beard

A complete, bushy beard makes a bold statement while projecting sophistication and confidence. Allow your beard to grow unchecked for at least 2-3 months, developing thick volume on the cheeks, chin and neck. Once the beard fills out, visit a barber for a light cleanup trim of any scraggly ends. Use a beard comb and balm to train the whiskers in an outward direction while maintaining a rounded shape. A properly cared for bushy beard should have lots of body yet remain soft to the touch. Shampoo regularly.

This style can be worn longer or slightly shorter, depending on personal preference. There’s no doubt this striking beard look will amp up any man’s style while exhibiting rugged masculinity. Although bushy beards are trendy for younger men, this classy style works well for men of any age. Even black or white beards can be worn bushy.

Beard Grooming and Care

Proper grooming and care helps any beard style look its best:

  • Shampoo your beard 2-3 times per week using a gentle beard shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Pat dry your beard with a towel. Air dry fully before applying oils or balms.
  • Brush your beard daily using a boar bristle brush to distribute oils, exfoliate skin and remove tangles.
  • Apply beard oil daily to hydrate skin and soften facial hair.
  • Use beard balm to style and shape unruly hair. Focus on the problem areas.
  • Schedule regular beard trims every 2-4 weeks to maintain desired shape.
  • Visit a barber for occasional deep conditioning and styling.
  • Eat healthy foods for faster facial hair growth. Biotin supplements help too.
  • History and Culture of Beards

Beyond style, beards also carry cultural symbolism and a rich history:

  • Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore decorative false beards as a sign of sovereignty.
  • In Ancient Greece, philosophers shaped their beards to represent knowledge.
  • Roman soldiers were required to be clean-shaven as a sign of discipline.
  • Christian tradition views beards as demonstrating honor and respect.
  • Vikings equated long beards with virility, wisdom and high status.
  • Native American tribes consider long beards a sign of spiritual maturity.
  • Orthodox Jewish law prohibits men from cutting facial hair.
  • Muslim traditions require men grow untrimmed beards.
  • In East Asia, wispy beards connote wisdom and confidence.
  • Hipsters and celebrities have boosted beards as trendy fashion.

Whether getting in touch with your masculinity, or expressing yourself, choose a beard style that works with your personality and face shape. With proper care and grooming, a beard can enhance your personal style for as long as you choose to grow it.

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